What is this site?

I frequently need to know what today's Julian Date is. I got tired of always Googling "julian date", clicking over to image search, and tracing across and down a table to figure it out. So I made this instead.

But this isn't what Julian Date means!

Yes, thanks. I'm aware that the term is technically incorrect, and I should call it the "ordinal day" or "day of the year" instead. But in my current job (systems engineering, working with software folks a lot), and my previous job (working with the U.S. military), it was commonly referred to as Julian Date anyway.

Unless you're an astronomer, historian, or pedant, you probably understood I meant day of the year when I said Julian Date. If you are one of the above, this site is probably not much use to you.

Other sites already do this...

I'm sure they do. But they don't have a URL that I'll always remember, and they usually don't read particularly well on a phone-sized screen. Plus they have a bunch of other content to wade through that I don't need, as well as tracking cookies, too much Javascript, ads I block anyway...

It mostly comes down to me being lazy, and wanting the simplest thing possible that works exactly how I want it.